Requiem for a Dream by Hubert Selby Jr.

Working stiffs in britain tried to censor Hubert Selby Jr/s 1964 novel Last Exit to Brooklyn, but I read Requiem for a Dream instead cos I saw the movie and liked it. I holed up in a cafe with a big dopey shit-eating grin on my face, got off on coffee and this book, and made crazy plans for an amazing review. It/s about harry and his girl marion and his homie tyrone – between them they gonna make it with a pound of pure – but there/s also another story with harry/s mom, sara to think about – she starts on a diet so she can look zophtic when she goes on a television show but it goes sorta wrong. The story sags a little at times, and although the style is cool – it/s written as a stream of consciousness, like it/s straight out of some cat/s head – it/s sorta difficult to follow the dialogue, and sometimes the sentimentality is too much, like talking about flying away like a bird. Plus, I/m a nine-to-fiver so maybe I can/t say, but it doesn/t have the tase of authenticity that Burrough’s work smacks of. But you can say all this and still, overall, this is good sheeit because you can/t get that style nowhere else, and more than that there/s something in all the characters to relate to – you know we may not all be mad dopefiens, but we all know about the story of a life straying from the plans. The way the characters interact is dynamite, harry and his mom especially have a relationship that/s both compelling and vicious. I gotta say I liked it and found myself kickin back on the sofa, just chillin and reading it, putting it down and picking it up a lot for a little taste to keep me going.


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